Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Leib Tropper's smart career move

If Leib Tropper were by some chance to segue into a career as a Jewish music singer, he’d better take care not to perform material that’s too “creative,” or dangerously approaching a vague similarity to “goyish” music. If he does, hoo-boy, he’ll be in big trouble. In some corners of the frum world, the rabbinical establishment would come down on him like a ton of bricks. Cherems [bans] and kol korays [proclamations] would be flying. They’d have no choice you understand: the Jewish people’s very status as an Am Kadosh V’tahor [a holy and pure nation] would be at stake. Children, even adults, would be in desperate danger of being led astray. Rabbinical leaders, no doubt, would stand up to be counted; weighing in on a life and death issue in which silence simply would not be an option.
Similarly, he’d be smart to not go into the human hair sheitel business, or author honest biographies of great modern sages, or open a Chareidi news website in Israel. A guy could get into a lot of trouble dabbling in such spiritually dangerous lines of work.

If Tropper decides to leave Monsey and relocate to the Five Towns, he’d better not start a blog. As a former “doer” — someone who made things happen in the Jewish world — the last thing we would want to see is for him to become a lowly blogger — some kind of journalistic bottom feeder with nothing better to do than to point out others’ misdeeds.

No. A much smarter play by Tropper would be to keep doing exactly what he’s doing right now. He should be a rosh yeshiva and the head of a Jewish outreach organization. Apparently, no one’s going to say a word about that.
Even after being caught on tape in the worst, most compromising sort of way (see storyhere), he’s still running his yeshiva in Monsey and heading a non-profit through which flows millions of dollars — millions that were the source of his power in the world of Orthodox conversions and (who knows?) may yet be again.
If you catch some zealot’s ear the wrong way with Jewish music that isn’t quite Jewish enough, you run the real risk of that someone making it his business to shut you down, put you out of business and simply break you — and all by rabbinical fiat; nice and kosher.

But Tropper is literally getting a free pass.

Are we the only ones taking crazy pills or does anyone else find it strange that virtually not a single prominent rabbinical figure outside the leadership of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) — and they are hardly household names — has said a public word about the incredible scandal this man created? After years of instigating holier-than-thou controversies over conversions and other issues, funded by someone else’s millions, Tropper was unmasked as the worst sort of hypocrite — he has denied nothing — and yet, he continues to go to the office each day and call himself a rosh yeshiva.

Really, this one takes the cake.

Jewish Star.

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