Wednesday, December 23, 2009

EJF site gets a makeover and makes like Tropper never existed.

The EJF site used to be covered inn Leib Tropper's pictures. All of a sudden yesterday they removed every picture that he is in. Which was almost everyone.

Why would they do that? After all their position is that he just resigned to be with his family.

Statement by Rabbi Leib Tropper
I have decided to resign my position at the Eternal Jewish Family (EJF) effective December 12, 2009 to pursue a variety of other interests. As a founder of EJF, I am proud of my role of being an architect of a very dynamic and important movement in our community. I will in the coming months do my utmost to be of service to the Jewish community in any way I can. I am extremely enthusiastic that a distinguished Torah personality of the stature of Rav Ela Ber Wachtfogel has agreed to assume my position of Chairman of the Rabbinic Committee and that Rabbi Chaim Blum has agreed to serve as interim director of EJF. I wish every continued success to EJF, its rabbinic leadership and the extraordinary team of dayanim and dedicated individuals that serve the organization in many parts of the world.

1st lie was that he was not stepping down to spend more time with his family. He was stepping down due to a huge sex scandal.

2nd lie, Rav Ela Ber Wachtfogel did not agree to assume his position, he was merely bamboozed By Tropper. Tropper told him that Rav Elyashiv asked him to take over, which was not true.

The lies with Tropper never end.

I guess the removal of all trace of anything Tropper related on the site, even the above press release, is an admittance in silence that he is tainted.

When will they come out and publicly acknowledge and denounce Tropper's evil doings?

As long as they do not, they are committing mass suicide. All it shows is that Tropper is still the puppet master behind the scenes, and that the following PR people should never be hired, as they know not how to handle a PR nightmare.

Menachem Lubinsky of P. (718) 854.4450

And Erin Gentry 917.392.1775

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