Friday, December 25, 2009

Leib Tropper makes it into the Rockland Count Goyish Newspapers, now all his goyshe neighbors can see the chillul hashem.

Influential ultra-Orthodox rabbi from Monsey caught in sex scandal

The ultra-Orthodox Jewish community likes to keep to itself, but you may hear a very loud sigh coming from Monsey and NYC these days.
An ugly scandal is unfolding regarding one Rabbi Leib Tropper, a Monsey-based fellow who has headed a prominent group called the Eternal Jewish Family. The EJF’s mission has been to oversee the conversion of non-Jews married to Jewish spouses—according to the most strict standards for Jewish conversion.
But Tropper has resigned in recent days over a Tigger Woods-ish scandal.
Apparently, he was taped speaking to a woman seeking conversion about highly un-rabbinic things.
The blog, which chronicles the failings of the Orthodox Jewish community, spoke to the woman and reported this:
The woman told Tropper was “holding things over me.” Tropper can be heard on one of the tapes asking the woman to have sex or phone sex with other men. She said Tropper would tell her, “If you fulfill my needs, I’ll fulfill yours – and you need a conversion.”
Tropper can be heard on the tapes saying, “I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to…you own your body, I don’t own your body.”
The woman says Tropper asked her to role play certain sexual scenarios with these men, either capturing the encounter on tape or describing the encounter in detail to him afterward, but she refused. “He likes to see women raped,” the woman said. While sometimes Tropper suggested men for her to have encounters with, he encouraged her to find men on her own and then report back to him. “He wanted someone who would be very rough.”
She says other women were also recruited by Tropper to fulfill these fantasies.

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