Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Rabbi Leib Tropper "Sex" Tape !!!!!!!

Hat Tip: Hanavon:

Here we have concise visual evidence, not just audio evidence that Tropper is a menuval. Ofcourse Tropper chassidim, the same pea brains who say that the audio tapes were not really Tropper but just fancy editing of Tropper's voice, will say that this is not Tropper and his wife, but actors with make up, made up to look exactly like them and directed by Steven Spielberg. As if someone would care to go to those lengths, or they will say that Tropper was just giving them a medical check up, or that they were all just coming back from the pool. It will not matter if Tropper himself climbs up on the Kol Yaakov yeshiva in Monsey and shouts out that he is guilty, they will just say it is not really Tropper.

For those of you who are not so naive, and know Tropper you can easily see that this is the Rabbi Leib Tropper "Sex" Video. Depicting Tropper and his deviant escapades in a hotel with 2 woman. It is not the best quality, but their is no mistaking Tropper and his fat belly, at the video start you see Tropper shirtless putting his underwear back on and then , getting his oversized pants and trademark suspenders back on, Thus video only shows AFTER footage of his wife and another woman finishing up whatever it is they did in bed, Rabbi Tropper is seen getting dressed and kissing this other woman who is not his wife many times at the end he puts his wallet and cell phone back in his pants.

And now without further ado..

Oh and by the way, even Rebbitzen Leba Tropper is caught on this tape below discussing this tape, and the other woman from Texas S.O. admits that this is her in the tape.

At the time S.O. the woman from Texas was playing dumb on the phone conversation, because she was trying to collect evidence againts Tropper, because she was trying to escape his grasp. He wanted her to have sex with several men and she did not want to. She was taping him to show the tapes to Rabbonim who head EJF so that they would believe her over Rabbi Tropper and so that her geirus would not be compromised.

This is Leba in a conversation with S.O. discussing this tape, and worried that people can pick them all out.

‘LEBA TROPPER’: It certainly, people who know you and people who know Leib could pick us out.

UPDATE: We contacted Rabbi Tropper's camp, and it looks like the official story that Tropper and his wife cooked up to cover up for this is that though it looks like it is them in the video, that this is in fact not them, and it is actors posing as them.


  1. The You Tube poster claims that the actual sex act was edited out for modesty reasons...


    There was no sex act on the original tape to be edited!

    Shannon Orand has explained the situation of the video tape, and is still in possession of the original recording - along with others. If there was any recording of actual sex acts taking place, you can be sure that Guma would have distributed it in whole!

  2. lol wasnt sure if it was tropper or schmeltzer from nmb

    by the way horizons has a registered agent in nmb whats going on with them

  3. The You Tube poster claims that the actual sex act was edited out for modesty reasons...

    It was never said that sex acts were edited out, just that the video has been edited for modesty.

    Viewers will have to judge the video for themselves. Tropper is seen naked in the beginning of the video and getting dressed. In the real world, when 3 naked/ semi naked people are getting dressed in a hotel room, it does not take a genius to realize that something sexual took place, unless they were playing naked twister or strip poker.

    Some would say that Orand had to say what she had to say for certain reasons and to get her geirus. Good for her, she was in between a scumbag and a hard place and had no choice.

  4. It is hard to imagine that she lied to the beis din if the videotapes would contradict her. Is there any way to say that any sex act was between the two women and Tropper came along afterward -- as she claimed in her interviews?
    Whoever has the whole tape, put it out there unedited. Thank you.

  5. Exactly.

    Shannon Orand knows the video has been out there for quite some time, and admitted to recording it herself. Why would she say anything, or turn over any evidence that could be proven wrong later?

    The audio with the Rebbetzin that Ms. Orand sent to the Rabbi's was her admitting the video was in fact authentic.

  6. From her interview:

    "He started pressuring me. The video was the first recording I did. It was in Monsey on that trip. That’s when I bought the camera. I didn’t have time to set it up. The date’s wrong on the video. When I saw it I said, oh, that’s wrong.

    He wanted to get me together with his wife. He said he wouldn’t touch me. I didn’t know if she was going to do it. He asked what it would take to get me together with his wife. I said it made me very uncomfortable. I tried to get out of it a little bit and Tropper could tell I was uncomfortable. He said: Maybe if I wasn’t there you’d be more comfortable. Then I talked to Leba and found out she’d never really been with a woman. She’d just been making up stories to please Tropper. They were just lies. She’s very submissive. She’s a victim in all this. So I told Tropper I’d be much more comfortable if he wasn’t there, and if it would be an ‘encounter’ we’d tell him about later. Tropper wanted to be there for the last five minutes. He still said he wasn’t going to touch me but I wasn’t so sure, so I went out and bought the camera. Leba and I didn’t do anything. We just rehearsed our story, the story we would tell Tropper. When he called to say he was coming we got undressed and waited."

  7. Anonymous: Miss Orand can say whatever she wants and be very sure that no other video will come out because she recorded the videos and edited them herself. The fact is that we have a video after the fact, or 3 naked people getting dressed and Tropper giving Miss Orand kisses on the mouth a few times.

    People can draw their own conclusions.

  8. It is time to face facts that Shannon Orand lied to the Beit Din(there was physical contact between her and Tropper). Also she said that Tropper never got undressed(obviously not true), that he never touched her, that here was never any physical contact(obviously not true).

  9. Mekubal: That doesn't change the fact that Tropper is a menuval,her geirus should not be affected either way.

  10. Tropper is indeed a menuval regardless. But some people seem to be drawing the conclusion that Ms. Orand lied. One cannot be certain of that based on this videotape. Yes, he kissed her lips, but when she said there was no physical contact with Tropper, she could have meant there was nothing sexually physical between them... which leads me to wonder whether Tropper came along, took his pants off, and he either stimulated himself or with his wife with Ms. Orand lying there undressed and having no physical contact with him. Please put the videotape out there so we can figure out what the heck happened in that hotel room.
    Other questions: in the audiotape with Luba there was reference to Japanese surveillance. What was that? Also, in the audiotape with Tropper, there is discussion about medical treatments. Could anybody venture a guess as to what that could have been? One last question: where is the date that Ms. Orand said was incorrect? It can't be seen at all in this videotape.

  11. Mekubal - where exactly do you get your information on what the beit din is or isn't aware of? Last I read, it was said that the beit din was in possession of, and had complete knowledge of the situation... and converted her in spite of that evidence. The video has been floating around for quite some time. This is not new evidence. It was the subject of one of the audios, and she addressed it in an interview that took place just as the conversion happened.

    Shannon Orand said that there was "no sex" between her and Rabbi Tropper. She also uses the words "no physical relationship".

    The kissing I see going on is a playful slight pecking, and then a fatherly like kiss on the forehead. Not exactly the type of kiss you'd expect after a hot and heavy sex experience.

    Until there's something showing a lot more than this - Shannon's explanation still fits.

    Besides, whatever she did before the gerus is irrelevant. This wasn't a case of catching the 2 in a secret relationship. She recorded everything and brought the evidence to the Rabbi's herself.

  12. There is a distinction to be made between a menuval Haredi Rabbi, and some texan divorcee lying to a beth din to convert.

    Btw, this man wrote a book on hilchot Yichud. What f--ing joke!

  13. That isn't Tropper in the video!

  14. Sammy you are right, it is probably some other Rosh yeshiva who looks exactly like Tropper and some Rebbitzen who looks exactly like his wife and some woman from Texas in a hotel room who decided to tape him.

  15. I do not blame Shannon Orand, she was under Leib Tropper's full control, she recorded him on audio and video to get out of his spider web of forcing her to have sex with people. And it worked. If she would not have, it would have been her word against a Rosh Yeshiva's.

  16. "If she would not have, it would have been her word against a Rosh Yeshiva's."
    If she would not have made the video and audio recordings, she would never have been able to make the accusations -- because if she had, she would never have been accepted for conversion by any beis din. Those recordings enabled her to recover her life and to get the life that she wanted for herself and her children.

  17. The only way to prove what happened is by posting the full unedited tape. Let us judge for ourselves.

  18. ..."Yes, he kissed her lips, but when she said there was no physical contact with Tropper, she could have meant there was nothing sexually physical between them... "
    Yeah. She could have meant...
    So now besides Orand being the poster girl for the 'Gold Sandard" of conversins she can also offer up her own interpretation of the Halachic definitin of 'touching'. What a piece of work!

  19. how is kol yaakov still accredited by the holy aarts accreditation? With all the holy Roshei Yeshiva supporting him, Lakewood at the forefront?

  20. Why on earth would this woman still want to convert to Judaism? Hey Shanon? I'll trade you religions,you can have mine!

  21. DisheartenedJew is a typical idiot that blames yiddishkiet on one person's personal failings. His post is a chillul H' and should be deleted!

  22. How many hits has the video had so far on this site?

  23. BigJoey, that was my post (and FYI it shoulda been HER post is a chillul Hashem) Sorry if it offended you but I call it as I see it and I'm entitled to my opinion. If you're happy with your religion, kol hakavod to you. Personally, I'm sick of all the phonies who call themselves frum because they happen to look the part and wrap themselves in all the accoutrement that comes with orthodoxy. As far as I'm concerned, the religion has become a farce of what it was intended to be, so yeah, Shannon can have mine. I'd trade her any day if it were possible. As far as deleting it...why? Because it offends you or did I strike a nerve? Where is the harm in civil discourse? Oh yeah, right, I forgot, we're supposed to be sheltered from that kinda stuff. Might actually open someone's eyes. Silly me.