Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rabbi Leib Tropper crawls back from under the rock he came from

Rabbi Leib Tropper has finally conceded to Monsey Rabbonim and agreed to have no connection to his Yeshiva. He has also agreed to leave Monsey, NY within 3 months.

Read the full story here.

Leib Tropper Scandal Finally Put to Rest

We here at Troppergate.com attribute his final demise and downfall to the following top 5 list.

5. A few good Rabbi's who despite the odds and his backing of Gedolei Hador, would come out againts him, this includes Rabbi Dunner in London and Rav Moshe Sternbuch in Israel. Kudos also go to the Monsey Rabbonim who finally said enough is enough.

4. The audio tapes and finally video tape which was released by Troppergate.com on Sunday, and was announced as "the nail in the coffin" to Tropper by the Monsey Beis Din.

3. Rabbi Tropper's enemies and those he has wronged in the past, like Guma Agiur and Rabbonim and ex talmiddim who he had wronged. They all worked behind the scenes to make sure Tropper's reign of terror would be halted. This also includes newspapers and blogs who relentlessly worked over the years, around the clock to keep an eye on Tropper and report the news when everyone one else was silent.

A mini top 5 list for these blogs are

5. The Unorthodox Jew
4. Tooting our own horn, Troppergate.com
3. Five Towns Jewish Times and Tablet Magazine.
2. Daattorah.blogspot.com
1. FailedMessiah.com who helped break the story and had exclusive interviews with Orand.

2. Shannon Orand, who though at first participated in some of Tropper's lurid acts, had the courage to break free from his control and expose him for the monster that he is.

1. and the #1 reason for Tropper's demise was Rabbi Leibish Tropper own big ego that had finally caught up with him. He thought he was untouchable because he had all the major Rabbonim backing him up, that he could act like Zimri and claim the reward of Pinchas.

Lesson of the day Kids:

It is too bad that it took 30 years for him to have his day.

We mourn all the talmiddim who went off the derech and could have been in a better place if not for Tropper.

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